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About Us

Eggette House is a brand created by a couple of young entrepreneurs in Vancouver, BC. We specialized in various traditional and innovative egg waffles, exclusive hand-made bean cubes, pure Hong Kong-style milk tea and other cold drinks.

Our team has always adhered to the concept of handmade desserts, paired with carefully selected high-quality local ingredients, combined with innovative techniques, to create delicious and healthy desserts that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and culture.

Having originated from a strong love for some traditional snacks, and not wanting to lose traditional crafts, our founding team used modern techniques to form classic traditional snacks that also retained the unforgettable flavor of our childhood.

Through the success of Eggette House, we wish to provide an outlet for the nostalgic traditional snacks of Asia into the realm of North America. Our mission is to bring Eggette House to all corners of North America, to provide the continuation of traditional flavors to the next generation, and to give healthy and nutritious snacks a place in the culinary world.


Cool Eggette